Fluid Biomarkers

Alzheimer’s disease: Fluid biomarkers for diagnosis

This module reviews key information on CSF biomarkers in relation to the pathological changes associated with Alzheimer’s disease, their role in early diagnosis and CSF sampling methodology.

Concretely, the module reviews considerations for CSF sampling, and appropriate use and procedure for lumbar puncture. It also describes pre‐analytical variables and their impact on CSF biomarkers, and specific core and emerging CSF biomarkers for Alzheimer’s disease. Lastly, the presentation describes the real‐world practical applications of CSF biomarkers.

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Fluid Biomarkers

Fluid Biomarkers for Diagnosis

This video will review CSF biomarkers in early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease, including methods of CSF sampling, core and emerging CSF biomarkers, and their real-world implications.

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Lumbar puncture technique to collect cerebrospinal fluid for biomedical research

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